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As a parent, guardian or carer you play a key role in supporting your child to make decisions. We have information and tools to help you.

Information to support your child

Your child in primary school

Get ideas to explore the world of work with your child and find out how we support primary schools.

Your child in Years 7, 8 and 9

Find out about choices your child will make in Years 7, 8 and 9 and the support they need.

Your child in Years 10 and 11

Get information about the options your child has after year 11 and how to help them.

Your child in college and 6th form

Discover ways to support your child with learning and career decisions in further education.

Your child with additional learning needs

Find out how we can support you and your child with their next steps after leaving school.

Your child after they leave school or college

Learn how we can help your child if they're looking for a job or are in work or work-based training and how you can support them.

Your home-educated child

Discover the resources and support we can provide for you and your child.

Useful information

Explore career ideas with your child

Get tips for career conversations and career ideas linked to your child's skills, interests and favourite subjects.

Help your child make career decisions

Get tips to support your child to make good career decisions.

How Careers Wales supports your child

Find out what a Careers Adviser does, the different ways we support your child and the details we hold about them.

Help your child get the most from seeing a careers adviser

Find out how and why to prepare for a meeting with a careers adviser.

Your child and work experience

Discover more about work experience, what we do and how you can support your child.

Your child and their results

Get tips to help prepare for results day and your child's decisions about what to do next.

The curriculum and qualifications

Learn about the curriculum your child will be taught in school and qualifications in Wales.

Your child and potential future jobs

Find out how to use information about the job market to support your child's career ideas and decisions at different stages.

Career routes and pathways

Find out more about different routes and pathways into careers.

Funding your studies

Explore the funding available in Wales for courses and training.