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Coping with redundancy

Person getting redundancy support over the phone

Are you facing redundancy? Are you an employer having to consider making staff redundant? We can help.

If you are facing redundancy, we can help with the most up-to-date expert advice on the support available.  If you are an employer having to face the difficult decision of making your staff redundant, we can help support you and those that are under threat of redundancy.  

In these completely new and difficult times, things are changing from day-to-day, so get in touch for the most up-to-date advice.  


Get in touch for the most up-to-date advice

Get more help

Options after redundancy

Learn about redundancy support available in Wales including ReAct funding, and how to handle redundancy.

ReAct funding

Funding support for retraining if you are within 12 months of being made redundant or unemployed, or under notice of redundancy.

Redundancy support for employers

Look into the ReAct Employer Recruitment Support fund, and read about the free support we offer to those under threat of redundancy.