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Anik's story

Anik Cartwright, Field Service Engineer at SPTS

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, here is Anik Cartwright’s story on how she inspires the next generation of female engineers.

“I work for SPTS Technologies as a Field Service Engineer. Our head office is in Newport. We manufacture equipment used to process semiconductor wafers into chips. My job is to install, maintain and repair SPTS equipment at sites across Northern Europe.” 

Working with schools 

“Over the past 5 years I’ve taken part in many activities with schools. I have attended busy careers fairs. I have supported site tours at SPTS, including STEM days and “bring your child to work” days. I’ve been involved in running vacuum chamber experiments with young people.”

“I’ve spoken to many young people about my work as an engineer and have shared my career journey in the hope that they will look at engineering as a future career option.”

“I strongly believe that female engineers should work with schools so that young people recognise that the roles are not gender orientated. I became a STEM Ambassador in early 2019 to share this message.” 

“It’s good for young women to see that it is possible to hold equal positions in what is seen as a male dominated industry. It also creates the mind-set for all that females are not only involved in engineering but hold successful active well-paid roles.”

Advice for future female engineers 

“Don’t be your own worst enemy. As females, we place pressure and stress on ourselves to prove our abilities when we are already capable.”

“Don’t give in. It took me nearly 5 years of applications, assessment days and interviews before getting a career in STEM. Those 5 years were worth every hardship to get where I am now with SPTS Technologies.”

Hope for the future 

“Future engineers will be working with the latest technology and contribute to development of new products that will enhance all our lives.”

I hope that it stops being unusual for women to work as engineers. Girls need to recognise they are just as capable as boys in studying STEM subjects and being successful in engineering careers.”

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